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Nurse Call System


With over 50 years of activities in the healthcare sector, Televic NV presents a global solution for care-related and critical communication in the hospital market.
The Axio i-Tec nurse call system uses an innovative IP-technology in order to increase the comfort and safety of residents and patients, and helps the nursing stuff to execute their tasks in a more efficient way. Among others, Axio i-Tec may be used for :

• Normal nurse call, with a very precise location of the call: ward, room, location within the room (indicating which bed)
• Duplex speech (Intercom): the caregiver may start a hands-free conversation with the person calling, hence reassuring them, whilst assessing priority of the call more accurately
• Acoustic call and cyclic listening: automated calls by means of sound detection, cyclic listening in on rooms.
• Call logging and statistics-reports:
registration and logging of all events in the system. Automated creation of reports and statistics...
• Multimedia and digital audio: our multimedia handset replaces the need for separate handsets to perform differing functions such as : nurse call push pears, environmental controls, television controls, telephone etc. as they are combined onto one ergonomically designed handset
• Access control: manage the access to your rooms and buildings, medication depot, cloakrooms, staff rooms, entrances...
• Technical alarms and controls: automated lighting controls (whether or not linked to the healthcare system), visualisation of technical alarms, manual controls from a PC...




Intercom systems
Hospital Communication

When it comes to choosing a quality communication system for hospitals or other healthcare facilities, the main criteria are call speed, communication clarity, ease of use, and reliability. An efficient flow of communication is fundamental to providing healthcare personnel with accurate and instant information.

STENTOFON offers a wide range of products and solutions that gives a voice to staff, patients and visitors. At the reception, the guardroom, in the corridors, offices or in the operating room, one can always rely on STENTOFON to provide secure communication throughout the entire facility. The STENTOFON intercom system has been proven to be an invaluable tool for daily operations and a lifesaver in critical situations.

• EN 60601-1-2 compliant Intercom terminals
• Hands-free (Full Open Duplex) talking in crystal clear audio quality
• Antiseptic foil surface
• Resistant against detergents and disinfectants
• General calls, emergency calls, patient calls and announcements
• Internal communication for hygienically sensitive areas
• Audio monitoring
• Background music playback










Bedside Multimedia Terminal

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Patient entertainment, education & communications system.

Patients can enjoy their hospital stay with bedside access to a range of multi-media entertainment services; up to date medical and hospital information and easy to use internal and external communications services - all accessible via one easy to use terminal at the patient's bedside.

Patient applications available:

• Digital on-demand entertainment & services (TV, Movies, Radio, Internet)
• Communication services (Telephone, nurse call)
• Electronic meal ordering (Dietary alerts (religious/medical), meal management)
• Patient education & information (Medical procedure videos, hospital services)
• Direct electronic payment (pre/post pay options)

Medical staff access to patient care database.

Medical staff can perform daily patient-care routines with greater ease by accessing the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and clinical applications direct from every patient's bedside.
Using secure smart card technology, clinical staff can access clinical dashboard where they can follow defined patient care pathways; enter real-time observation data from daily rounds; interact with complete patient records; order medical tests and view results; view prescriptions and perform faster cross-hospital communications.

Hospital Management to reduce clinical risk and achieve rapid ROI.

Centralized bedside workstation that provides a secure interface with a hospital's in-house clinical applications and Information Systems (HIS/CIS).

Hospital Management Features:

• Reduction in Clinical Risk
• Rapid Return of Investment
• Drug Inventory Control
Computerized Meal M