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Elektra Hellas's Pendant Systems are designed to facilitate movement, support loads and supply medical equipment with electrical, gas, or data. Today's needs demand easy access to high-tech medical devices, without compromising in functionality. Our co-operation with Ondal GmbH, ensures that products meet the highest quality standards, are safe to use and feature a long service life with minimum maintenance demands. Various types are available, from Light Duty Systems (supporting monitors) to Heavy Duty Systems (supporting of up to 1,000 Kgs) in many variations. 

Pendant Systems for:
Intensive Care Units

The complete range of Pendants transforms Surgery, Endoscopy and Intensive Care Areas to perfectly organized hospital areas.


Ideal supply of medical equipment with electrical, gas, or data.
Best positioning of medical equipment in the area.
Optimum functionality.
Easy sterilization of the areas.
According to needs, Pendants are equipped with single or double arm, with horizontal rotation and optionally vertical movement.
In every case, they can move, support and supply medical equipment (such as anaethesia machines, endoscopy towers, respirators, infusion pumps or monitors) with ease.
In Intensive Care Areas, the safety of the patients is the most important concern. Technical connections integrated into the supply unit ensure a smooth workflow for the nursing staff. It is not possible to inadvertently disconnect the hooked up equipment and there are no stray cables on the floor.
The use of tandem ceiling pendants ensures ideal positioning of equipment, user friendliness and maximum functionality. The generous turning ranges of the Pendant Systems help the staff to ensure that the required equipment can always be appropriately positioned for the patient.

Optional alternative: Hanging console with gliders.

Light Duty Pendant Systems for Monitors

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The Monitor Suspension Systems offer excellent transmission of power and signals, so that perfect images can be achieved to ensure best possible medical treatment. The ergonomic fastening mechanisms of the suspension systems guarantee optimal movement and arrangement of flat screen monitors for medical applications and also ensure a stable park position of the equipment. 

With wall- or ceiling-mounted spring arms, a wide variety of models is available, depending on the number of monitors, weight, size, and cabling of the flat screen monitor(s) from 19" to 30" with single or double VESA Interfaces. A wide range of fittings and adapters is available, to adequately fix in place a single monitor or a robust suspension system that can accommodate up to eight monitors.

Operating Theatre Lights

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The operating theatre lights of the French manufacturer Surgiris join together the latest in LED technology with a revolutionary design.
Main characteristics:

A compact Surgical Light

The X3ST and X2 ST lights are innovative LED surgical lights. Designed by Surgiris, they feature intelligent LED management and control and the exclusive andpatented FOCUSMATIC technology. Compact, effective and versatile, they are the surgical lights of choice for general surgery and obstetrics. The colour temperature of the X3ST and X2 ST surgical lights is fixed. A range of surgical light with a variable colour temperature are also available from Surgiris: the surgical light X3 MT and the other surgical light X2MT models.


  • Electronic Focus Adjustment (EFA) - no moving parts : Included
  • Patented Focusmatic technology : Included
  • Electronic management of LED ageing (CCL) : Included
  • An electronic management system for the automatic preventive maintenance (APM) of the LEDs : Included
  • Wireless communication technology (WCT) : Included
  • Integration into a compatible hospital suite : Optional
  • Video preparation : Optional
  • Remote control : Optional
  • Attachment for single-use handle : Optional
  • EmergiLED back-up power supply : Optional














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x2st 1 camera

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