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Elektra Hellas covers the needs of patients and personnel of every modern nursing facility. All necessary equipment, such as lighting, low voltage supply, extra low voltage supply, nurse call equipment and supply of medical gases can be easily incorporated in the MEDLUX units.

All Medlux units are constructed in Elektra Hellas's owned premises according to customer needs in order to fit perfectly to each occasion. They are made of aluminum extrusion, painted in powder coating.

They have a durable body design, are constructed with extruded, heat treated, aluminum, painted in powder coating or naturally anodized and cover the highest qualitative standards.

Normal Care Units


Medlux Units for normal care areas cover all modern needs regarding functionality, user friendly and aesthetic result.

They are mainly used in rooms for normal care treatment but can also be used in other areas as well.

They are custom-made products and adapt fully to every need. The horizontal type units can have a total length of up to 6 metres and service from 1 to 4 patients, covering the length of an entire room.

They accommodate materials of the highest standards and certification. Depending on customer's needs, they can include the following:

• General(Indirect) Lighting                 • Potential Equalizations 
• Reading(Direct) Lighting                  • Telephone / Data outlets (RJ11-RJ45) 
• Night Lighting                                     • Nurse Call System outlets 
• Examination Lighting                        • Extra Low Voltage
• Electrical sockets of various            • Serum Hooks
types (Schuko, BS, Euro etc.)         • Gas Outlets of various types
(French type, DIN, BS)                                       




Units for Critical Areas


Medlux Units for Critical Areas are constructed in order to accommodate the increased needs of today's Critical Areas (Intensive-Care Areas, Critical-Care Areas, Recovery Areas, Neonatal Intensive-Care Areas).

Supply Units for Electrical and Medical Gases
They consist of a single console, consisting of two separate ducts, installed above the patient's bed.

Large, unobstructed throughput capacity for supply lines provides for installation of all necessary electrical and medical gas outlets.
The second duct includes all necessary Gas Outlets, such as O2, MedAir, Air7, Vac, N2O), AGSS.

• Electrical sockets of various types (Schuko, BS, Euro) with or without cover
• Electrical sockets for industrial use
• Potential Equalizations
• Telephone / Data outlets (RJ11-RJ45)
• Monitor Outlets
• Patient Handsets
• Electronic clock – Chronometer
• Examination lights with articulating, swiveling arm

Mounting Rails are optionally integrated on the top and bottom part of the ICU units, enabling solid grip of all necessary tools.

Supply Units for Electrical, Medical Gases and Lighting

They consist of a combination with a second unit (lighting console), in order to cover any lighting needs of the area.   

Additional equipment are available such as Monitor Disks with or without drawer, LCD monitor articulating gas Spring Arms, Serum Hangers, Infusion Rods, Catheter Baskets, all suitable for the integrated medical rails.

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